Tips That May Help You Become A Confident, Effective Public Speaker

9 June 2015
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Speaking in front of people may be one of the scariest thoughts you may have, yet it is something that you may need to do. Anyone can learn how to become a good public speaker, but it will take intention, practice, and time. If you want to build your confidence with public speaking, you will need to work on it. Here are three suggestions that might help you overcome the fear of speaking, so that your words may be motivational, inspiring, confident, and persuasive to your audience.


The main thing that will help you learn how to become a confident speaker is practice. The best motivational speakers in the world were not great when they first began speaking; it took practice to achieve this. You too can become a good speaker if you practice, and there are several ways to do this, including:

  • Do it in front of your family – Get some of your family members to be your audience and practice a speech in front of them. Ask them to critique you on your speaking and be prepared for feedback. Use the feedback as a way to improve the way you present your information.
  • Videotape yourself – If you can videotape yourself talking and watch it afterwards, you are likely to see some of the flaws you have as you speak. You might notice that you are not looking at the audience enough because you are tied to your notes, or it could be a strange habit you have while you are talking. Use the tape to critique yourself to make the necessary changes that would improve your speaking.
  • Continuously review your notes – If your speech is coming up soon, write it out weeks in advance and keep rehearsing it. You do not have to memorize the speech, but you should know it well enough that you will not have to read it from your notes.

With practice, you will become more confident with your speaking engagements, but there are other steps you can also take to help you with this.

Other Tips

Here are three other tips to help you become more confident with public speaking:

  • Choose subjects you are passionate about – If possible, make the subjects of your speeches topics that you love. It's so much easier to be confident and persuasive when you really believe something that you are talking about. If it happens to be a subject that is naturally dry, look for ways to make the subject more interesting, and break the ice by including some humor or interesting facts.
  • Dress for success – Many people find that the way they dress can boost their confidence levels. If you take the time to dress in something that makes you look good, you will feel better about yourself. This will be illustrated in your confidence level, and it may help you present your speech more effectively.
  • Connect with your audience – The effectiveness of your speech will begin from the moment you stand up in front of the audience. Because of this, approach the podium with confidence and look the audience in the eyes. Smile, use gestures, and try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire speech. The more you connect with your audience in these ways, the more likely they will be to hear what you are saying. You should also avoid rambling about an issue, or speaking in tangents. Stick with what you wrote and avoid saying more.

With these tips, you may be able to offer your next speech in confidence. After performing one effective, confident speech, you will be ready to do another. If you would like to learn more about this, it might be helpful for you to attend a conference that teaches communication skills. You can also get more tips on building confidence in public speaking at a site like